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"Mary and John"

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At Whitehall on the last day of February 1633, the following ships lay in the Thames River ready to make sail for New England; the Reformation, the True Love, the Elizabeth Bonaventure, the Sea Flower, the Mary and John, the Planter, the Elizabeth and Dorcas, the Hercules, and the Neptune.

The Masters of the ships were called before the Board and issued several Particulars that had to be completed before sails could be set. They had to post several Bonds of One Hundred Pounds to make sure that the following articles were executed.

1.  "That all & every Person aboard their Ships now bound for New England as aforesaid, that shall blaspheme or profane the Holy name of God be severely punish't."

2.   "That they cause the Prayers contained in the Book of Common Prayers establisht in the Church of England to be said daily at the usual hours for morning & evening prayers & that they cause all persons aboard their said Ships to be present at the same."

3.   "That they do not receive aboard or transport any Person that hath not taken both the Oathes of Alleigeance & Supremacy"

4.   "That upon their return into this Kingdom they Certify to the Board the names of all such Persons as they shall transport together with their proceedings in the execuc'on of the aforesaid articles - Whereunto the said Master have conformed themselves - It was therefore & for diverse other Reasons best known to their Lord thought fitt that for this time they should be permitted to proceed on their Voyage, and it was thereupon Ordered that Gabriel Marsh esq., Marshalle of the Admiralty & all other His Majestys Officers to whom their said Warrent was directed should be required upon Sight hereof to discharge all & every the said ships & Suffer them to depart on their intended Voyage to New England."

The King of England, Scotland, and Ireland started his reign in 1624 and issued a charter for "incorporating the Company of the Massachusetts Bay in New England in America" in 1628.

The Mary and John, under the supervision of Robert Sayres, Master, sailed to New England from Southampton on March 24, 1634, but the arrival was not recorded.

The passenger list consisted of:

Bound for Boston

William Hibbens,  Mrs. Anne Hibbens

Bound for Ipswich

Philip Fowler,  Mrs. Mary Fowler,  Mary Fowler,  Samuel Fowler,  Hester Fowler, Joseph Fowler,  Thomas Fowler,  Richard Jacob,  Robert Kingman,
William Moody,  Mrs. Sarah Moody,  Joshua Moody departed,  Thomas Newman, Mrs. Newman,  John Newman,  John Spencer,  Richard Kent,  Mrs. Jane Kent, Mary Kent,  Richard Kent,  Nicholas Easton,  Mrs. Easton,  Christopher Osgood, Mrs. Margery Osgood,  Rev. John Woodbridge

Bound for Newbury

Robert Coker.  William Franklin.  Richard Littlehale.  Henry Lunt,
Rev. James Noyes,  Mrs. Sarah Noyes,  Nicholas Noyes,  Rev. Thomas Parker, Henry Travers

Bound for Plymouth

Thomas Savery,  William Saver

Bound for Roxbury

Robert Seaver

Bound for Salem

Thomas Avery,  William Ballard,  Thomas Cole,  Mrs. Anna Cole,  Matthew Gillett, Joseph Miles,  Joseph Pope

Bound for Salisbury

Stephen Jordan,  Daniel Ladd, John Wheeler,  Mrs. Anne Wheeler,
David Wheeler,  Anne Wheeler,  Roger Wheeler,  Elizabeth Wheeler, Mercy Wheeler

Destination Unknown

John Barlett,  William Clarke,  John Godfrey,  John Luff,  John Marsh,
Abraham Mussey,  John Mussey,  William Newby,  Robert Newman,
Richard Reynolds,  Thomas Sweet,  William Tracey,  Henry Trask,
Adrian Vincent,  Thomas West,  William White

As an incentive to go to New England, all of the passengers, their heirs, and successors were exempt from tax subsidies and customs for seven years and taxes and impositions on all goods and merchandise for twenty-one years.

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